Chisels EDC - Sharp, reliable and always at hand.

Hultafors introduces Chisels - a new product range carefully designed to combine maximum sharpness with hard-wearing durability for demanding craftsmen.

The next generation tape measures have arrived.

Hultafors launches three all-new
products for demanding craftsmen.

Recoilless power without sparks.

With the new dead blow hammer DB from Hultafors you can
count on all the power you need, but with reduced recoil and
without sparks.

The dead blow function uses steel balls to cushion the shock
and reduce recoil.

Refined power in nine steps.

Try our new 209 adjustable wrecking bar and there's no
turning back.

The unique design and revolutionary features will facilitate
your work in a variety of situations.

There's more than one angle.

Is it possible to revolutionize the design of a plaster square? Absolutely. Just check out our new foldable PS 120 plaster square. Giving you a range of functions that truly facilitate your work.

So get ready for a revolution at work.
At least when it comes to plastering.

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Measure and mark without taking a reading

Imagine a tool that allows you to measure and mark without taking a reading, take internal measurements just as easy as external ones, trace arcs and much more.

Go ahead and explore the unique TALMETER marking measures from Hultafors.

Trust your hands

Grab our ergonomically designed Carpenter's Hammer and you'll feel it right away: amazing quality, perfect balance and hardwearing reliability.

With effective vibration damping that you will notice with
every strike.

Craftsman’s knives –tailored to your reality

Explore our unique range of knives tailored to how craftsmen actually work. Painter, electrician, carpenter?

We've got a knife specially designed for you.