Chisels HDC - extreme strength, perfect precision.

Hultafors introduces Chisel HDC - forged in one piece. The robust design gives the chisel extreme durability, outstanding strength and impact resistance.

Bricklayer’s hammer TB 600.

Hultafors introduces Bricklayer's hammer TB 600 - a well balanced hammer with a narrow straight chisel, nail puller function and Hultafors' ergonomically designed handle with a distinct end stop.

The next generation tape measures have arrived.

Hultafors launches three all-new products for demanding craftsmen.

Chisels EDC - Sharp, reliable and always at hand.

Hultafors introduces Chisels - a new product range carefully designed to combine maximum sharpness with hard-wearing durability for demanding craftsmen.

Recoilless power without sparks.

With the new dead blow hammer DB from Hultafors you can count on all the power you need, but with reduced recoil and without sparks.

The dead blow function uses steel balls to cushion the shock and reduce recoil.