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Hultafors has developed reliable tools for over 130 years. Do you want to be a part of creating our history?

At Hultafors our most important task is to offer discerning craftsmen reliable tools. We are passionate about developing new products. So passionate that when we believe in an idea we give it 100%. We control the production chain from idea and development to production and launch. In other words, there are many ways of becoming a part of our team.

Hultafors is a part of Hultafors Group, developing innovative workwear, durable tools, and personal protective equipment with the aim of giving professional users the best possible function, safety, protection and efficiency at work.

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We asked a few of our colleagues to tell us what their favourite tool is.

  • Anders Helstad, Senior Design Engineer

    Anders Helstad works as Senior Design Engineer at Hultafors, developing our tools. When he’s not at work he spends a lot of time restoring old cars. That’s when the Dead Blow Hammer DB really comes in handy.

    “I’m an amateur mechanic, spending lots of time restoring old cars and the Dead Blow Hammer DB is absolutely indispensable when you need to give stuck and stubborn parts a good bang. The strong rubbery outer sheath in polyurethane does not leave marks on hard metal surfaces or cracks paintwork. Also, there is no loud sounds unlike a metal sledgehammer and the DB will not produce a hard bounce back either."

    Check out our Dead blow hammer DB
  • Håkan Carlsson, Commercial Manager

    Håkan Carlsson works as Commercial Manager at Hultafors. His favourite tool is the HBX Handsaw and when he rebuilt his tool shed it was thoroughly tested.

    “There are many types of saws but what they all have in common is efficiency. To be able to saw quickly, straight and safely with clean cuts every time. It’s no understatement to say that I have high expectations of my saw. It should be durable, without losing sharpness, have a nice grip where the power is transmitted for every cut and finally, it should be stable without being too heavy. The HBX lives up to all of this and more. For example, it comes with excellent blade protection for the cutting edge. Also, when the blade is worn out it’s easy to change to a new blade, instead of having to buy a new saw. It’s a win-win for both the environment and my wallet.”

    Learn more about our HBX Saws
  • Linda Andrén, Business Unit Manager Tools

    Linda Andrén works as director of Business Unit Tools and Ladders. Her favourite tool is a real classic from Hultafors – the folding rule.

    ”The reason the folding rule is my favourite tool is that it is a product that stands for Hultafors history and for sustainability. It’s the product we started with and it has been our pride since then. Even the bus stop outside our factory in Hultafors is called ”Tumstocksfabriken”, meaning the folding rule factory. In addition, it is a product that is locally produced from natural material – blonde downy birch.

    To me, the folding rule is also the reason I first came in contact with Hultafors. My parents ran a hardware store and used to get visits from a Hultafors sales person now and then. He was really good at folding the rule and showed me how to unfold and fold it in the fastest way possible. The sales person was Roland – the ruling champion of folding a rule. If you have seen our movie ”The Dual” you know whom I’m talking about. I’m not quite as fast as Roland who fold a rule in 3.21 seconds, my best time is 5.66 seconds.”

    Check out our classic Folding rule 59
  • Nikita Golovlev, Head of Design

    Nikita Golovlev works as Head of Design, developing our tools. His favourite tool is the HDC chisel, giving a few alternatives to what it can be used for.

    “I like that it’s such a versatile tool. On the one hand it’s a precision tool that can be exposed to almost anything without tearing it. On the other hand, it can be used for jobs never imagined when developing it, for example scratching paint and glue residues. All thanks to its design and the possibility to position it flat against a surface. Whether you're building furniture or prising tiles, the chisel gives you the right feeling. For me there is something special in the combination of weight and balance, that such a rough tool still feels smooth when holding it.”

    Learn more about our durable HDC Chisels
  • Peder Lövberg, Product Developer

    Peder Lövberg is one of our product developers. One of the first tools he developed was the plaster square. It is also the tool he has chosen as his favourite.

    We are driven by producing products, either new or updating existing ones, that simplify the workday of the craftsman. To me, it is one of the best things about my job, that we develop products that make it possible for the user to deliver better and more efficient results, without straining his or her body.

    The development process began, as always, by talking to and observing craftsmen to learn how they worked with measuring angles, marking and cutting boards, mainly plaster. It soon became apparent that the existing plaster squares on the market were large and impractical, especially when storing or transporting them. Many craftsmen also made angled cuts and wanted to be able to cut out more angles than just 90 degrees. In other words, we saw several things we could improve. The result was PS 120. We have recently released an update, PS 90. As the name suggests, it has a shorter blade to work with narrower boards. We also updated the graduation to make it easier to find the tool in the workplace or in the store."

    Learn more about our smart Plaster Square PS
  • Per Eriksson, Product & RnD Manager

    Per Eriksson works as product manager at Hultafors. His favourite tool is Wrecking Bar Steel Adjustable 209 SB. Why? Because it is a product further developed against all odds.

    "The simple reason is that it is a great example of how to further develop products that you already believed were fully developed. Who thought it was possible to develop a classic wrecking bar into something new and ground-breaking? By basing the development on the actual needs of the users, taking part in their reality to see and understand what challenges there are, it is obvious that everything can be improved. The adjustable wrecking bar is just one of several examples of this but it's definitely my favourite tool! Last summer when we carried out a major rebuilding in our house from the 30's, the wrecking bar was really tested properly. Solid wooden walls in real heartwood were assembled with over-sized nails in combination with hard-to-reach areas. The wrecking bar was invaluable! And thanks to the ergonomic design, no one was injured during the work."

    Check out the SB 209

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