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Developed together with professionals

Hultafors - United Kingdom

You could ask any Scandinavian craftsman. If it's functionality, precision and top-quality performance you're after, it has to be Hultafors.

The reason for this is quite simple. We develop our products together with hard-working professionals. We study their work situation and listen to their needs. They remain part of the product-testing process until everyone is satisfied with the results. This is the only way for us to be absolutely sure that our tools actually work in practice and truly assist craftsmen in their work.

Measurig MST folding rule Hultafors

This has led to a range of innovative tools designed for specific professions. For example when we discovered the need for an electrical and moulding hammer and launched a new product that immediately became a success.

Another example is our ground-breaking range of function-specific knives, among which are a paint knife tailored for opening paint cans, an electrical knife optimised for cutting and paring cables and a safety knife featuring a dull point.

On the bottom line, our reality-based product development is all about one thing: making your workday easier, safer and more productive with tools you can rely on, whatever the situation.

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