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Built by hand

We know that there are several tools you can’t do without. But real craftsmanship comes from your hands.

That’s where memories are created.

“I think figuring out solutions is the most inspiring work of all.”

Rick van der Bult has always had an interest in seeing things come together. Combined with his interest in music he has managed to create a career in designing and building music studios.

Meet carpenter Rick van der Bult

"I’ve always been attracted by doing difficult things."

A pleasant smell of planed wood hits me as I enter the workshop of window joiner Petter Gantelius. The window frames are hanging neatly from the ceiling, waiting their turn to undergo a loving restoration.

Meet window restorer Petter Gantelius

Sharp and reliable

The HDC chisel can be laid flat against the surface, allowing you, for example, to prise away tiles without damaging the surface below. The chisel is the best choice for those jobs demanding both strength and precision.

It's all in the details.

Learn more about Chisel HDC

Take care of your hands

Hands. They consist of carpus, metacarpus and fingers. Our hands play an important role during our day, especially when working with crafts as a professional. Surely, they deserve only the best when it comes to hand tools.

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Pull saw for precision

 "One tool I couldn't do without is the Japanese Ryoba pull saw." Yes, it's one of the window joiner Petter Gantelius favourite tool. And we won’t disagree with him. Whenever you need a precision cut the pull saw comes in handy.

Learn more about the pull saw

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