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HDL 80 is an intuitive and easy-to-use laser distance meter that measures up to 80 meters. Perfect to use, for example, when measuring longer distances and when calculating area and volume. High precision in a compact and easy-to-handle size. Comes in a slender case that can be attached to the waist belt or used to protect the device.


Digital distance measurement offers many advantages compared with conventional measurement using a folding rule or measuring tape. Distances can be measured very easily and conveniently in just a few seconds. In addition, the device is able to calculate surface area and volumes at the touch of a button. Perfect when you need fast and accurate readings to create a quotation, for example. Furthermore, the HDL is also storing the latest 20 measurements in order to support you in your day-to-day work and make you more efficient.


Your most frequently used measuring functions are ready to use at the touch of a button. The display offers fast and intuitive navigation through the other function levels and settings.


The laser focuses on a target for measurement. The distance meter then emits a laser pulse, which initiates the measuring process. The pulse is reflected from the target and received by the photocell in the device. This enables the exact distance to be calculated using the time span between the emission and reflection of the laser. In practice, we use a process in which the phase change between external pulsing and internal reference pulsing is determined. Only a small surface area is necessary for location when using laser measurement.

Your can read more about our Laser Distance Meter HDL 80 here.

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