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Hultafors - United Kingdom

HXL is a compact and easy-to-use cross-line laser. Its bright, precise lines ensure fast and accurate reading and make you more efficient, for example, when tiling or hanging wallpaper or cabinets. In addition, the rotatable base makes the laser tool easy to adjust.


Whether you are laying tiles, installing heating, painting, wallpapering, or exhibition stands – the intuitive HXL Cross Line Laser Level will help you achieve high accuracy as well as save precious time.


The tool’s clearly visible horizontal and vertical laser lines form a cross with an angle of exactly 90°. The clearly visible line panorama makes it easy for you to make perfect and precise adjustments to furniture, fittings and flooring.


Regardless of what kind of rooms you are working in, HXL Cross Line Laser Level offers you the best possible visibility thanks to its laser class 2 diodes, which produce bright laser lines. The lines are projected closely to the product both on the floor and in the ceiling above the product to secure a wide range of applications. The versatile tool is intuitive to use and can measure ranges of up to 80 m when used in combination with a hand-held receiver.


The tool’s inclination mode is perfect for stairs, loft conversions and wall mounting.


With a hand-held receiver, it is also possible to use the HXL Cross Line Laser Level outdoors, at distances of up to 80 m. This means it has one of the longest ranges among crossline lasers of its kind.

Your can read more about our Cross Line Laser here.

Receiver - when reading is diffucult

Hultafors Receiver is a hand-held receiver that senses and locates the laser line when measuring long distances or when reading the lines is difficult, due to, for example, ambient light conditions. In addition, with the receiver the application range of our products is extended up to 80 meters.

You can use it single-handed to receive a horizontal and vertical line laser beam. The device is preferably designed to be used indoors but is also applicable for outdoor work. The receiver is compatible with products from Hultafors featuring pulse function, such as HXL and PXL.

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Constantly developing our tool range for discerning craftsmen, we have broadened our range of laser tools with three user-friendly models – including a laser distance meter– designed to make your workday more efficient.

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