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User-friendly laser tools

Hultafors - United Kingdom

Constantly developing our tool range for discerning craftsmen, we have broadened our range of laser tools with three user-friendly models – including a laser distance meter– designed to make your workday more efficient.


We have lacked a few tools in the laser category and have therefore expanded the range with a cross-line laser, a point and cross-line laser, and a laser distance meter, a tool that we have not previously offered in our assortment. The three new tools have been designed based on simplicity, user-friendliness and precision, ensuring fast and precise reading.


The new intuitive laser tools are easy to understand and easy to use. For instance, they feature few buttons in order to make your work more efficient.


Our intuitive laser measurement tools are made of robust plastic and ready for instant use. All tools are tested and calibrated thoroughly before delivery to ensure accuracy and precision.


Laser classes are divided into several different groups – those that are compliant with European standard EN 601125-1 and those that are compliant with American standard FDA 1040.10:1.4.97. We use laser classes 2 and 2M. Laser class 2M is somewhat stronger than laser class 2, but both classes provide highly visible lines without being directly hazardous to the human eye. Although remember to never point the laser beam straight into your own or someone else’s eyes.

A warning symbol and information must be shown on every laser product.


Electronic equipment designed to be used in tough conditions must come with a good enclosure in order to prevent dust, moisture and water from penetrating the device. IP classification defines the electronic product’s degree of protection against solid objects as well as against water. The first number of the IP classification refers to solid objects whereas the second number refers to water. Our laser tools come with IP classification IP54, which means that they are dust protected (5) and protected against splashing water (4). As a result, our tools can be used in tough environments both indoor and outdoor.


Laser tools can be levelled in several ways. The most common is self-levelling, which is the method we use in our range of intuitive tools.

Self-levelling laser

A self-levelling system with a magnetic pendulum and a gyro that ensures that the laser tool is always levelled. The fastest and easiest way to precise measurements.

Automatic laser

The levelling is adjusted with the help of a servo motor and an electronic vial. Our range does not include any laser tools with this kind of levelling.

Manual laser

Levelling by means of adjusting screw and vial by hand. Mostly used for simpler tasks.


Hultafors’ self-levelling laser tools come with a magnetic pendulum and a gyro that ensures that the laser tool is always levelled during use. In order to protect the pendulum from damage when the tool is not in use, for example during transportation, the pendulum unit automatically locks in position when you switch off the laser. Next time you switch on the laser tool, make sure that the pendulum has been released from the lock mode and moves freely before use.

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HDL 80 Laser Distance Meter

HDL 80 is an intuitive and easy-to-use laser distance meter with backlit display measuring up to 80 meters. Perfect to use when measuring longer distances and when calculating area and volume.

Straight to the point with HDL 80

HXL Cross Line Laser

HXL is a compact and easy-to-use cross-line laser. Its bright, precise lines ensure fast and accurate reading making you more efficient when, for example, tiling or hanging wallpaper or cabinets.

No fuss, just precision with HXL

PXL Point and Cross Line Laser

PXL is a user-friendly point cross-line laser. The plumb point and rotatable mount makes it easy to position over any point when high precision is needed, for example when bolting walls.

Line up for perfection with PXL

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