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HBX – the professional’s high-precision choice - Designed to simplify the workday

Hultafors - United Kingdom

HBX is our finest and most precise handsaw. Developed for the modern and discerning craftsman, HBX features a hardened 1 mm thick blade and our unique 3-phase grinding – a combination that makes the saw extremely efficient and stable while also ensuring neat cuts without chipping.

The 3-phase grinding means that the teeth are ground in three different angles, resulting in a more efficient saw that requires less force to make fine high-precision cuts.


The HBX handsaw has many features developed to make craftsmen's work easier. The blade tip, for example, is specially designed so that the saw can be used more easily in confined spaces and when you start cutting in the middle of a board. The robust blade guard has a unique design with a quick-release, enabling the saw guard to be quickly removed and refastened. The ergonomic handle is coated with rubber, giving a firm comfortable grip. In addition, the handle is made from high-strength ABS, ensuring that it lasts for multiple blade changes.


The HBX handsaws come with a robust blade guard. The sturdy blade guard has a unique design with a smart quick-release function that allows you to quickly and easily remove and reattach the protection using only one hand.

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