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Saws with precision in every cut

Hultafors - United Kingdom

Determined to become a leader in the field of saws, we offer a complete range of saw models. Combining high quality materials, ergonomic design and the latest grinding technologies, these saws help you perform precise and secure cuts – no matter what type of work that includes a handsaw you need to perform.


Our full range includes handsaws in several different designs, bow saws, hacksaws and various special saws for cutting in most materials, such as metal, concrete, wood, plasterboard and plastic. No matter what you want to cut, your precision and control starts here.


To achieve optimal precision and control, we put lots of focus on the grinding of the teeth. For the most advanced models we use a unique 3-phase grinding, which makes the saw extremely efficient while also giving fine cuts without chipping.


Several of our saw blades come with environmentally-friendly wax-based powder coating, which minimizes friction and the risk of pinching. More importantly, it ensures you can cut with maximum precision and control.


HBX Handsaws are designed for professionals. Guaranteed a neat cut every time it allows you to saw fast and straight. Featuring robust design, an exchangeable blade and a unique blade guard this high-quality tool is all set to be your long-time colleague.


We always develop our tools with your body in mind. That is one of reasons why we involve professional users early in the development process. For us the challenge is to ensure they perform their very best at the same time as the usage of our tools put minimal strain to their bodies. For the segment saws ergonomics is all about minimising the blade vibrations and friction.


Our complete range includes various special saws, from precision work to smaller jobs. Whatever the challenge is, we have a saw for you. To find out which saw best suits you and your work, please consult our saw guide.

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