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Bow saw BSL
Description Professional bowsaw with an ergonomic handle and knuckle protection to provide a safe and efficient usage. The handle made from PP and rubber provides a very good grip in all different conditions (dry or wet). The metal frame is made in high quality steel with a robust paint to protect from rust. The saw is developed for high durability in order to be used both in the nature and on construction sites. The sawblade is made from high quality steel, C75 and the teeth are hardened and shall not be sharpened with a file. The saw is equipped with a multipurpose saw blade for best performance in both dry and fresh wood. The saw has a more triangular shaped frame in order to provide an improved access in narrow spaces.
  • Handle in PP and rubber
  • Sawblade in C75-steel
  • Hardened teeth
  • Triangular designed for optimal access in narrow spaces
Art. no. Sawblade
590801 591021
590811 591041
590821 591061
590831 591001
Art. no. Qty/pack
590801 1 pcs
590811 1 pcs
590821 1 pcs
590831 1 pcs
Blade length
Art. no. Blade length
590801 533 mm
590811 610 mm
590821 762 mm
590831 300 mm
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