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Toolbox saw HBX
Description Professional Short saw for increased mobility and flexibility. The saw has a 1mm thick C75 steel blade for extra stability, precision and low vibration in order to create a straight and precise cut. The blade is lacquered with an environmentally friendly wax based powder coating that provides low friction, low vibration and good rust protection with a minimal environmental impact. Hultafors unique 3-phase grinding gives precise and very efficient performance in several different materials. The result is a precise cut without chipping the wood in no time. The teeth of the saw blade are hardened to give a long life and fine cuts, therefore this product fits perfectly for precision work. The handle is ergonomically designed in robust ABS plastic and rubber for perfect grip with power and precision. The saw comes with a unique and robust blade cover for easy assembly / dismantling with only one hand. The blade protection protects not only the teeth of the saw during storage and transport, but also clothes and surroundings. The blade is removable and easy to recycle, and the handle can be reused with existing HBX spare blades (BX)
  • Ergonomic handle with rubber grip (reusable)
  • 1 mm thick blade in C75 quality steel
  • Unique 3-phase grinding
  • Robust blade protection
  • Environmentally friendly wax-based powder coating
Art. no. Qty/pack
590750 2 pcs
Art. no. Teeth/inch
590750 11
Blade length
Art. no. Blade length
590750 350 mm
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