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Snap-off knife BKZ 18Q
Description Robust and reliable snap-off knife, ergonomically designed for maximum safety and comfort. Intelligently designed button makes it easy to feed out and lock the blade with a single hand whilst allowing the blade to be safely fixed in position. Supplied with 1 blade.
  • Ergonomic design with pronounced finger grip and narrowing tip that affords excellent grip when measuring and cutting plasterboard in a single stroke.
  • Extra long and stable blade support prevents blades from snapping off during work, increasing safety.
  • The knife has few moving parts and is easy to open for cleaning and replacing blades.
  • One click per blade section – the last blade can also be used.
Art. no. Length
389300 180 mm
Art. no. Qty/pack
389300 6 pcs
Blade width
Art. no. Blade width
389300 18mm
Blade length
Art. no. Blade length
389300 100 mm
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