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Utility blade Hook UBH
Description A sharp blade with a hook at the tip, developed for floorlaying and similar work, making it easy to cut carpets with ease and control. It is made from hardened carbon steel for long-life sharpness. Comes as10 blades packed in a practical spring-loaded dispenser for easy blade change. The dispenser fits inside the handle of Hultafors utility knives. Used blades can be stored in the back of the dispenser to keep the workplace safe. Also available as a big size dispenser of 100 blades.
  • Hook-shaped blade developed especially for carpet-layers.
  • Made from SK5 carbon steel and hardened to 58-60 HRC.
  • 10 blades inside. Just push to dispense a new blade.
  • Storage space for used blades to improve safety in the workplace.
Qty/Pack (pcs)
Art. no. Qty/Pack (pcs)
388630 5 x 40
388640 4 x 100
388650 10 x 10
Blade width
Art. no. Blade width
388630 19mm
388640 19mm
388650 19mm
Blade length
Art. no. Blade length
388630 48 mm
388640 48 mm
388650 48 mm
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