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Double Holster SK & USRA
Description The Double Safety combination includes two safety knives; the craftsman’s safety knife SK and the safety utility knife USRA. The SK Safety Knife is designed with a dull point, developed and adapted to increase safety and minimize injuries. It’s the perfect choice for the craftsman who values safety. The USRA knife is a safety utility knife with a retractable blade to prevent puncture wounds, and a tapered point for excellent grip when cutting plasterboards, carpets and wallpaper. A double holster always allows you to have access to the two knives you use the most, and your job gets done efficiently. The double holster is made from impact-resistant PP plastic, joined by rivets and an elastic loop. Our double holster is also available in many different combinations. Once your knives are worn out, keep the holster and use it again for new knives. A great way to minimize our carbon footprint!
Total length
Art. no. Total length
381050 250 mm
Art. no. Qty/pack
381050 4 pcs
Knife combination
Art. no. Knife combination
381050 Craftsman / Utility
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