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Floorcross Laser FXL
Description The floorcross laser has four laser lines at 90 ° to each other forming a cross in front of the unit. This enables you to lay tiles in four directions. The lines also continue behind the laser, which means that you can lay tiles in the entire space with a single measurement. The laser has adjustable feet for work on uneven surfaces, plus a 5 mm spacer foot, which makes it possible to lay tiles underneath the unit. Makes laying tiles easy.
  • Tolerance: ±0.3 mm/m.
  • Laser class: 2/EN 60825-1
  • Diode type: 4 x 635 nm
  • Detection area: r=10 m per line.
Art. no. Width
409030 235 mm
Art. no. Height
409030 55 mm
Art. no. Depth
409030 151 mm
Art. no. Qty/pack
409030 1 pcs
Art. no. Weight
409030 650 g
Diode type
Art. no. Diode type
409030 635nm
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