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Hultafors launches bricklayer's hammer TB 600

Hultafors - United Kingdom


A well balanced bricklayer's hammer with a narrow straight chisel, nail puller and Hultafors' popular handle with end stop. The Hultafors TB 600 Bricklayer's Hammer sets a new standard.

First and foremost, it has a continuous steel structure that has been forged in a single piece, combined with a tempered striking surface and chisel, the hammer is extremely durable. In addition, we have inserted a urethane plug in the head, reducing both weight and vibration.

But perhaps what gives the TB 600 Bricklayer's Hammer such great hammering properties is that it is so well balanced, making it easier to break masonry. It also has Hultafors' renowned and unique Santoprene handle, giving the perfect grip.


An ergonomically designed hammer, forged in one piece for increased durability with a vibration damping urethane plug. Tempered square striking face and a strong ground chisel with a notch for pulling out nails.

  • Right angle and shape of chisel for safe splitting of bricks.
  • Steel shaft with I-beam for increased durability.
  • Vibration damping urethane plug.
  • Handle with a distinct end stop to ensure a secure grip.

Hultafors Bricklayer's hammer

Published 08 September 2014.

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