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Double Safety – easy access for a safer and more efficient workflow

Hultafors - United Kingdom

Safety at construction sites is growing in importance and thus also the craftsmen's demands on the tools. Heeding these calls, Hultafors has created a new double holster. 

"Many craftsmen often use two knives at work and we have therefore developed the double holster Double Safety, which is designed to fit our two safety knives SK and USRA", says Hultafors Product Manager Per Eriksson.


By wearing the holster next to the leg pocket, the safety-conscious craftsman always has close access to the knives he or she uses the most, and can thereby work both efficiently and safely. "Double Safety simply provides extra security while facilitating and streamlining work”, says Per Eriksson.


Double Safety double holster is made from impact-resistant PP plastic, joined by rivets and an elastic loop. “Once your knives are worn out, keep the holster and use it again for new knives – a great way to minimize the carbon footprint”, Per Eriksson says.


The Double Safety combination includes two safety knives; the craftsman’s safety knife SK and the safety utility knife USRA. “The SK Safety Knife is designed with a dull point, developed and adapted to increase safety and minimize injuries. It’s the perfect choice for the craftsman who values safety”, says Per Eriksson.


USRA Universal Knife is a safety utility knife with a retractable blade to prevent puncture wounds, and a tapered point for excellent grip when cutting plasterboards, carpets and wallpaper. "Our safety knives are becoming increasingly popular, and we believe many craftsmen will appreciate our new double holster", Per Eriksson says.

Published 04 December 2017.

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