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Launch of new hand saws for professionals.

Hultafors - United Kingdom

If you ask professional craftsmen how a good saw should be, the answer is unanimous: it must be efficient, with a good grip and must not pinch. That was also where Hultafors began when the company started developing its new range of handsaws. 

"We are the leader in a number of areas in hand tools. We are now focusing on becoming the leader in handsaws as well, and our new HBX Handsaw has a number of unique features showing this," says Håkan Carlsson, Product Manager at Hultafors.


Professional craftsmen expect a great deal from their saws. It is fundamentally about effectiveness. The ability to saw fast, straight and safely with a guaranteed neat cut every time. This places extreme demands on the saw. It should be durable without losing sharpness, have a comfortable grip where the force is transferred with every stroke, and be stable and precise without being heavy.

"Our new HBX professional saw has a hardened 1 mm thick blade and a special 3-phase profile. This makes the saw extremely effective and stable while also giving fine cuts without chipping. The blade is treated with environmentally friendly wax, which reduces friction and minimises the risk of pinching."

"The saw also has a simple system that enables the blade to be quickly changed. This means that you always have a sharp saw to use while eliminating the need to buy a new saw when the old one is becomes blunt," says Håkan Carlson.

The HBX Handsaw mas many functions that have been developed to make craftsmen's work simpler. The blade tip, for example, is specially designed so that the saw can be used more easily in confined spaces and when you start cutting in the middle of a board.

The robust blade guard has a unique design with a quick-release, enabling the saw guard to be quickly removed and reattached. The ergonomic handle is coated with rubber, giving a firm comfortable grip. The handle is made from high-strength ABS, ensuring that it lasts for multiple blade changes.

HBS Handsaw with print

In the company's new range of saws, Hultafors is also launching the HBS Handsaw – an all-round saw sharing many of the same features as the HBX professional saw but with a slightly simpler design.

This is the Hultafors HBX Handsaw:

• Hardened blades (550 mm long, 1 mm thick) for extra stability, precision and low vibration.
• Ergonomic handle in high-strength ABS covered with rubber for a perfect grip with power and precision.
• Unique 3-phase profile – combines efficient felling, a good bite and fine cuts without chipping.
• Unique black environmentally-friendly coating with wax for low friction, vibration and rust protection.
• Simple system for changing blades so you can always count on a sharp saw.
• Robust quick-release blade guard for effective protection.
• Uniquely shaped blade tip helps when you start cutting in the middle of a board.

Published 30 April 2015.

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