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Hultafors launches series of Premium axes

Hultafors - United Kingdom

Hultafors is taking a new grip on the axe segment, focusing on the user experience and bringing the history of Hults Bruk into the future. To celebrate the 300 year old tradition and craftsmanship of forging axes in Hults Bruk in Sweden, the axes have been named after famous blacksmiths and areas around the forge.

The new Premium series consists of eight quality axes ranging from the small and useful trekking hatchets to powerful splitting axes.

“The user experience has been our focus for this launch and we have put a lot of attention to details – from quality product packaging to online presence”, says Per Eriksson, Hultafors Tools Product Manager.


At Hults Bruk in Östergötland, Sweden, blacksmiths have been carrying out work that not many others are able to do for over 300 years. In fact, there are very few producers in the world employing blacksmiths with the skills this craft requires. To celebrate this heritage, the products have been named after famous blacksmiths and areas around the forge.

“The heritage and quality of our manufacturing process is what makes our axes so special. The Premium range is a tribute to this unique craftsmanship and by naming the products after famous blacksmiths and areas around the forge, we are bringing the history into the future”, says Per Eriksson.


Hultafors axes have been crafted in the traditional way since 1697. This handcraft in combination with the forging art results in a reliable high-density product with a long service life that can be used for several generations. That is why Hultafors also offers a lifetime warranty on the axe head of all the Premium axes.

“We have a long tradition of axe manufacturing and the head-forging process has been refined for many years, resulting in an outstanding craftsmanship. Our axes are made to last for generations, so for us it is a natural development to include a lifetime warranty with each Premium axe,” says Per Eriksson.


The new range of axes include both models used for traditional woodwork as well as outdoor models for the enthusiasts. The launch also includes two new models; Åby Forest Axe and Hult Splitting Axe. To further complement the offer two accessories will also be launched, a grinding stone for sharpening and a unique multi-purpose leather pad.

Published 03 March 2018.

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