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Hultafors relaunches painter’s knife

Hultafors - United Kingdom

Now Hultafors relaunches its painter’s knife, with improved durability and function to the tip of the knife.

"When we developed our craftsman’s knives, we got help from the real experts, professional craftsmen. We studied what they did, listened to what they wanted and tried to identify their needs. We made prototypes tested by them on the field, made changes and tested them again. The end result was a unique range of knives tailored specifically for the way craftsmen actually work,” says Hultafors Product Manager Per Eriksson.


Every craftsman wants the perfect knife for his or her work. But different professions have different requirements and needs. Therefore, the craftsmen's views have played a major role during the development process.

"Our close contact with professional users has been invaluable, early in the idea phase as well as later on in the process when we fine-tuned all the details and gained valuable feedback," says Per.

The painter’s knife was one of the 20 different craftsman’s knives by Hultafors and now an improved version of it is relaunched.


In fact, the painter’s knife is a triple tool. First of all, it is a knife, but it also works to tighten screws - for example when plastering - and to open paint cans.

"We have received some feedback from users that the design of the tip of the blade was not sufficiently durable. Therefore, we have now updated the blade and reinforced the tip, which is now thicker, wider and more conical, so it will measure up”, Per says.

The new blade tip is a better fit with standard PH2 screws than before, whilst also working well with smaller screws.

The new painter’s knife replaces the earlier version and will be available from June 2018.

Published 25 June 2018.

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