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Utility knives and blades for improved efficiency and safety

Hultafors - United Kingdom

Hultafors new concept of utility knives and blades presents a wider variety of choice and a system for easy blade change that brings both efficiency and safety to the users.

New utility knives and a whole range of blades, that is Hultafors’ answer to professional users asking for interesting alternatives in a previously sleepy product category.

– Our concept of highly specialized Craftsman’s knives has been very popular. Now we expand our range of utilityknives and blades along the same line of thought, explains Håkan Carlsson, Product Manager at Hultafors.


Hultafors new utility knives all share an ergonomic design for stability and comfort. But depending on a preference for classic, sturdy weight or lightweight flexibility professionals are able to choose between a zinc or aluminium enclosure.

There is also a safety model that comes with an automatically retractable blade.


The new range from Hultafors offers six specialized blades made from selected steels to cater for different needs in different professions.

– We wanted to bring more choice to blades, to let every professional decide for themselves which blade fits their work at hand, says Håkan Carlsson, Product Manager at Hultafors.

The sharp Allround blade is a reliable choice for everyday cutting. The Performance blade adds extra long-life, Edge brings extra sharpness, Hook is for floor layers cutting carpets and Safety comes with a blunt tip.


And finally, there’s Stamina, a blade in a league of its own, made from a secret bi-metal composition.

- Stamina is a blade we made to challenge ourselves. Simply to see what is possible to achieve when it comes to sharpness and long-life, says Håkan Carlsson.


All new blades from Hultafors come packed in a clever spring-loaded dispenser holding up to 10 blades. The dispenser fits inside the handles of Hultafors Utility knives so that a sharp blade is always close at hand. A smart feature is the storage space for used blades on the back of the dispenser.

– This prevents old blades from littering the work space and causing cutting injuries. A small improvement that can help creating safer work places, says Håkan Carlsson.

Published 10 May 2017.

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