Advertising Print – Put your company in focus

Hultafors can offer advertising print on a number of different models of folding rules, pencils and knives.

Advertising print on folding rules

In the case of folding rules, the print may be located on the section and/or side. Note that the printed surface may differ from model to model. Folding rules with advertising print are supplied as standard in packs of 10 (plastic foil) without an EAN code on the rule.


Hultafors can offer printing in the following standard colours as per the Pantone Scale (PMS). For an additional charge, Hultafors can offer a further 600 shades as per the PMS Scale. We will be happy to provide a quote for any special colours that cannot be mixed by Hultafors and must be ordered from an external supplier. Note that there may occasionally be minor colour variations in relation to the PMS Scale.

Print area key for folding rules

RE = Print side. The rule has a standard scale on the end sections, restricting the print area to the side of the rule (section printing not available). The print area is suitable for logos, company names or other text and images.

FÖ = Upper field section print + print side. The upper half of both end sections of the rule are available as a print area. This is suitable for a company name, telephone and fax numbers or a short slogan. Can be combined with print along the side of the rule.

MF = Middle field section print + print side. Comparable with FÖ (upper field), but the print area is located in the centre of the end sections for unhindered use of the scale on both sides of the section. Can be combined with print along the side of the rule.


Hultafors imposes the following requirements in respect of documentation for proofing:

  • Images in the form of logotype or other vectorised image must be enclosed with the proof order as an open EPS file, or as a paper document of at least laser quality printed 50% larger than the print. Hultafors will be happy to provide information about the necessary technology, software and equipment. The file must also include information about colours.

  • Any photographs must be attached in TIF or JPG format.

  • Text that is to be printed must be specified as running text. Its typeface and any required font size must also be specified. For incomplete files, an additional charge will be made for producing attached files/original. For an hourly charge, Hultafors can also produce an original for the customer as per their specific requirements. A proof consists of one or more blocks that are numbered. These blocks can be used for a subsequent proofing order if, for example, one block is to be replaced whilst the others are to remain.

Invoicing for advertising print

In addition to the cost for the product, an additional charge will be levied per print and block. In addition, there will be a further charge for any special colours and processing attached originals. Note that for multi-colour prints, printing and blocks will be charged per colour.

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