This is how Hultafors' folding rules are made

Our classic folding rules with the red ends are made in the folding rule factory in Hultafors, Sweden. All parts of the folding rules are made locally and most of the machines used in the process have been constructed and built by our experienced hands.

The downy birch from the county Dalecarlia arrives in Hultafors sawn into wooden blocks. Before the manufacturing can begin the birch is dried to the exact right humidity. The blocks are then sawn into pieces and planed before the ends are painted red. Before assembly, the scale is printed and all pieces get lacquered.

Each piece is controlled five times

During the production process, each piece of the folding rule is photographed twice by high speed cameras and is closely inspected three times by experienced staff. This is to make sure that no piece shows signs of anything but excellent wood and that every printed scale is clear and exact.