We are broadening the HDC chisel range

Our HDC chisels are very popular with craftsmen who have high demands on their tools. We are now expanding the range by another seven widths.

HDC are practical and versatile chisels forged in high quality steel and developed for tasks that require extreme strength and power as well as precision. The range now includes 11 models and extends from 6 mm to 40 mm width.

Robust chisels for demolition

The wider models of HDC chisels are powerful and ready to tackle the toughest demolition. This is due to the fact that the chisels are forged in one piece with an I-profile that provides good strength and maximizes power transmission. At the back is nylon striker that is easy to replace when it has worn down. Because the entire blade can be laid flat against the surface it is easy to knock off tiles and break off moldings without damaging the surface underneath.

Perfect precision in every stroke

The narrower models provide perfect precision in every strike and are suitable for all types of fine carpentry. Sharpness and focus will be the result for any type of work.

Award-winning chisels

In 2015, we also won the Red Dot Design Award when we launched the first round of the HDC chisels. The prize was awarded for our overall design, good ergonomics and choice of material. For many professional craftsmen, the HDC is a given tool in their tool carrier.

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