Hultafors launches ergonomic colour-coded screwdrivers

Screwdrivers that meet the requirements for an ergonomic grip together with a permanent and clear tool marking can be hard to find. That was the starting point when Hultafors decided to develop a new category of tools, namely screwdrivers.

Whether the task at hand requires maximum force or precision handling, the screwdriver’s handle has to be able to cope with both. A lot of effort has therefore been put into the design process to develop great ergonomic handles. The handles are long, are made with durable PPC plastic and are rubberised for the best ergonomic grip and comfort.

“It’s difficult to explain the exact details that make a good handle, but it ultimately comes down to what feels right. We have received some great feedback from craftsmen that have been using our prototypes from the final stages of our design process”, says Filip Sahlberg, who is Product Manager at Hultafors.

Colour-coded and durable marking

The ability to quickly tell the size and model of the screwdriver might not seem like much to ask for, but we found out this wasn’t so easy. To simplify life for the user, the tool markings were a priority in the design process.

“We have made colour-coded handles for each model, making it easy to find the right one in your pocket or tool carrier. But more importantly, at the back of the handle, there is a marking that is permanently imprinted so it won’t fade over time. This marking states both the size and the model, which is something that differs from a lot of our competitors in this category. We also put a permanent laser marking on the blade”, continues Sahlberg.

Swedish design – Made in Germany

Although designed in Hultafors, Sweden, known for its Scandinavian clean and ergonomic design, the screwdrivers are manufactured in Germany to ensure the best quality. Blades are made of high-quality molybdenum vanadium steel, and are hardened according to ISO standards to ensure the best performance without compromising on strength or durability.

VDE range for electricians

The broad range of VDE screwdrivers has insulated blades for working on electrical installations up to 1000 V, and they are all certified according to IEC 60900. They are available with slotted, Phillips, Torx and Pozidriv heads – all with the same ergonomic grips and tool markings. Voltage testers are also available.

104 new articles – from single models to complete sets

The full range of screwdrivers includes all four standard models, which are available as regular and VDE. There are also stubbies, bit screwdrivers, hexagon ballpoint screwdrivers, hexagon nut drivers, and magnetic bit holders, which are available in sets with short and long blades.

“The variety in our range has been carefully planned with the users in mind. Everyone should be able to find their preferred size and model that they use daily”, concludes Filip Sahlberg.

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